Designer Profile

Hi There! I’m Aaron!

Aaron started out with Le Interior Affairs back in 2018. He was attracted in home designing when he first seeks help in Wint from Le Interior to design his new home.

After studying numerous of home portfolios designed, he believes the role of interior designers are creative and innovative people that create, not only rooms that catch the eye, but also utilize every inch of the space. Since then he had worked with many clients consisting of couples.

Aaron makes a point that when designing a home of a couple, there are usually compromises that are made within the process; he makes it very clear that patience is needed in the line of work because of the change of mind and last-minute decisions.

Married couples consist of each partner wanting their space comfortable and livable, but sometimes they tend to be completely opposite. Aaron believes that assessing both partners’ needs even in the slightest way will fulfill the client’s needs and hopefully soon stretches the cliental further.

Aaron possess qualities trait of a designer such as artistic creativity, problem-solving skills, visualization, and interpersonal skills in order to create a design that appeases clients and builds cliental for the future. In this line of work, he emphasizes that clients need to feel comfortable and happy with their homes. This aligns with the company tagline “Home is not a place, Home is a feeling”.

Hi There! It's My Works

Home is not a PLACE. Home is a FEELING.

We create home to enhance your living and tell your story.