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Hi There! I’m An Ni!

Introverted but she can also be extroverted when she wants to be.

An Ni is someone that puts in the effort to things done on time with accuracy and quality. She finds importance in the process of designing, analysing, and gathering new information which helps her to improve her knowledge and skills. If some things can be done better, she is willing to take the risks although there may be mistakes, it can be a stepping-stone to achieving something even greater.

She may still be in the process of learning but is someone that is willing to put in effort into learning and not avoid any task before her even if it is tedious. In her spare time, she enjoys time alone, reading different genre of books and graphic novels.

In a way, it helps her to be imaginative and fuel her creativity. It is also a way for her to relax and a stress-reliever to help her recharge ahead for the next day.

She feels that the importance of school/work and personal life balance is crucial to living each day fully without regrets.

Hi There! It's My Works

Home is not a PLACE. Home is a FEELING.

We create home to enhance your living and tell your story.