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Hi There! I’m Vincent!

Childhood dream: Doing up a dream house for his parents and building up his own place from scratch. At early stages of his education, Vince was exposed more to building project management and facilities learning. Somewhere along the road, he started idolising Interiors.

With the adoption of touch of Gold and pastels, his design styles are typically clean and uncluttered. Vince’s different approaches has earned him a reputation of being proficient about the industry and tactful in client’s discussion. Vince is capable in charm and commitment, using his affability and charisma bringing energy to all discussions and meetings.
Vince live by the tag – #family and appreciate the little details life can offer.

Today the co-founder of Le Interior Affairs, for those who know – Vince carried this philosophy everywhere he goes. #family.

Hi There! It's My Works

Home is not a PLACE. Home is a FEELING.

We create home to enhance your living and tell your story.